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YEAR #3 - STOP #2

This will be our final stop in Florida, probably for several years to come. Big Lagoon State Park is the 41st Florida State Park that Tricia and/or I have spent the night camping in. Nearly half of those parks (18) have been spent in THE POD since we started fulltime RVing just a little over a year and a half ago.

Florida currently has 55 state parks where you can spend the night in your RV. We intend to visit every one of them sometime in the not to distant future. The southernmost park we still need to visit is Colt Creek State Park which is just southwest of Orlando in Lakeland, FL. While the property has been a state park since 2007 it wasn't until February of 2018 that their campground was opened.

The 14 state parks we still need to visit are kind of all spread out but I think with one more well planned swoop through north Florida we should be able to visit them all.

A view of Big Lagoon State Park from the observation tower.

FRIDAY - One place we wanted to visit while staying in this area is the Florabama Bar/Grill. All of you Kenny Chesney fans will instantly recognize that name due to the 2013 song on his album "The Big Revival". Here is a LINK to his YouTube Video if you're not familiar with the song.

In the video you'll see tens of thousands of people on the beach behind the bar for the recording of the video. Today, when we visited just after they opened at 11AM, there were more employees than there were patrons. However, by the time we finished our lunch the place was starting to get crowded because at 2PM the daily live music starts up on the stage.

The bar gets its name from the fact that it sits right on the Florida/Alabama state line. In the picture below you see The Bar is in Florida and the tall building right behind it is in Alabama. Also pictured is the license plate wall that is mentioned in the song lyrics.

The parking lot view of the Florabama entrance

The license plate wall

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