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YEAR #2 - STOP #50

Today was a short relatively easy drive south on I-75 and then east on I-70. Yes, I said east, but only about 20 miles! Our unplanned stop at the Airstream Factory got us a little off track for just a short while.

Tomorrow morning we'll be driving those same 20 miles back west to the Dayton International Airport to pick up an out of town guest for the holiday weekend. Alyse will be joining us for a few days, we haven't seen her since New Years Day in central Florida.


Back in July of last year we purchased a brand new tent at REI in Jacksonville. In was just what we wanted, small enough to pack away in the truck, yet large enough to fit a full sized air mattress and still have room to stand inside. We set it up this weekend for the first time and used it as a guest room. The temperatures were perfect for tent camping, highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s with very little rain and a nice breeze coming off the lake behind our campsite.


In addition to our using it as a guest room, the tent will come in handy when we visit Channel Islands and Isle Royale National Parks since they are not accessible to RVs. We also intend to use the tent if we ever find ourselves out exploring more than 50 miles from THE POD's location and want to spend more than just the one day doing so. It would make sense to just throw down the tent for one night and then wake up the next morning right where we want to explore some more. Better than driving 100 miles back and forth wouldn't you say?

SATURDAY - Today we have plans to go visit one of the Top Ten cavern tours in the United States at Ohio Caverns. Growing up in Florida there is only one opportunity for a cave tour. Florida Caverns State Park is in the Florida Panhandle near where Florida-Alabama-Georgia all come together. Don't get me wrong, there are many other caves in Florida, it's just that they are all filled with water!

This will be our third Top Ten Cave visit and Alyse's first. Our previous visits to Top Ten Caves include Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky and Luray Caverns in Virginia. We have plans to visit two more of the Top Ten before this year is done. Since good photos are so hard to take in poor lighting, I've only selected a few to try and give you a small sampling of what we experienced today.


TUESDAY - Today is the day Alyse goes back home to South Florida, now that flights have resumed and Hurricane Dorian has left the area. It's also perfect timing because tomorrow we move again into another new state for us.

With a late morning flight we had time to share a nice breakfast and still had plenty of time for Alyse to catch her flight.

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