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YEAR #2 - STOP #52

Today's travels are a relatively short 50+ miles. The first 45 miles are due south and the last 5 are westerly. When we begin our towing days one of the first things I do is mount our GPS and THE POD's backup camera monitors on the dashboard.

Imagine my surprise when our GPS estimated our arrival time at the next campground to take only 10 minutes? I thought great, one more thing to try and get figured out. It got even a little more confusing when 15 minutes into our move the GPS told me I arrived 5 minutes ago?

With our route today being primarily south, and we weren't crossing any state lines, it never occurred to me that we could possibly be crossing into the Central Time Zone. But that's exactly what happened! It seems the northwest and southwest corners of Indiana are indeed in a different time zone. That's where we are this week, in the southwest corner of Indiana.

Map is courtesy of Wikipedia

Why aren't time zone lines straight up and down on the map? Anyone?

TUESDAY - Today we saw our first hummingbird of the year! We haven't seen one since last August when we were visiting Delaware.

We were sitting inside THE POD with the windows open, working at the dinette, when we heard this flutter of activity outside. A hummingbird was there, two feet outside our rear window, just hovering and looking in at us. He seemed to be wondering why we didn't have our feeder out for him to get a drink.

Well Tricia immediately had me get our feeder out from he back of ROVER and she got started mixing up a batch of sugar water. Thirty minutes later we were all set up and then we waited. It didn't take long, thirty minutes later he was back and took a long drink. This guy quickly became pretty comfortable with our feeder because now he doesn't even continue flying while getting his drink. He lands with both feet on the edge of the feeder and takes longer drinks each time.

For the rest of Tuesday, all day Wednesday and most of Thursday (when we were around to watch) he was back to get a drink about every thirty minutes before flying off to who knows where.

We know there is a least one other hummingbird around because occasionally he gets chased off the feeder by another bird. They come and go so fast we never get to see them both at the same time. If they are both getting a drink they must be identical twins because we can't tell them apart.

THURSDAY - Since we arrived here in the Hoosier National Forest the temperatures have been in the low 90s each afternoon. We have been running our A/C each day and then turning it off again when going to bed. The forecast for today is once again in the low 90s so today we are going to escape the heat by visiting a pair of caves. Located just outside of the forest and just 100 feet below ground the constant temperature in the caves is in the mid-50s.

Marengo Cave and Squire Boone Caverns are very similar in size and the quantities of formations there are on display. Most of our photos are from Marengo Cave because they have illuminated it with a few more lights and it makes it easier to photograph. While Squire Boone Caverns lighting is a little more subdued, therefore less photographable, I felt it made for a better cave experience because well, it just felt like you were actually in a deep dark underground cave.

Including our two cave tours today it brings our total number of visits to sixteen. It is also the third time we have visited two caves in the same day. Stay tuned if you enjoy caving because we have several more planned before this year is done. Two of those are included in everyone's Top Ten List of caves to visit in the United States.


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