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YEAR #2 - STOP #49

We arrived here at the Airstream Factory around 7:00PM without too many problems with the traffic leaving Columbus. We got set up in a camping spot and went to bed early.

First thing the next morning I went into the Service Center Lounge and got a couple of free hot chocolates, paid for two nights of camping and then searched out the Service Manager. I wanted to let him know that we decided to stay on the property and if by some miracle he had an opening in his overbooked schedule today we would be happy to fill it.

Like the blog title says, now the waiting begins!

TUESDAY - While we are waiting here at the factory we decided to make an upgrade to ROVER's appearance. When I bought our Rock Tamer ® mudflaps last year we knew there was another version available, but just couldn't justify spending an additional $150.00 to acquire them. So we saved the money and bought the version that was available on Amazon that would get the job done.

This is what the back of ROVER used to look like!

But once we arrived here I found out the more desirable name plates were available for purchase separately. So for $50.00 I was able to upgrade the appearance of ROVER's hind end to all of the other motorists on the highways. The $100 savings was basically the difference in shipping costs between Amazon ($0) and Airstream ($100).

This is what the back of ROVER looks like NOW!

WEDNESDAY - Today is the day we find out if the Airstream Factory will be able to squeeze us into their busy work load without having the highly suggested service appointment. The day started off with a beautiful sunrise, so I've got a good feeling that today will be a good day for us!

It's hard to tell but that's ROVER and THE POD centered in the background.

At 7:30AM we heard the tractor beginning to move trailers from the campsites up into the service bays. That's when I started walking the 100 yards from our campsite up to the Service Desk and Customer Lounge. I was about ten steps from the front door when my phone rang. I thought it might be Tricia calling to ask me to bring back some of the free coffee or hot chocolate from the lounge. Nope! It was the Service Manager calling.

After exchanging good mornings he asked how quickly I could get up to the Service Desk and fill out the paperwork so they could begin repairs on THE POD. I told him I could be there in 15 seconds and hung up! I pulled open the door and walked 20 feet to the Service Desk and found the Manager and several Assistants with puzzled looks on their faces.

They asked how I managed to get there so quickly and I simply explained I wanted to make sure I arrived before anything could happen to change the fact they were able to squeeze me in today. I wasn't even winded from rushing to get there!

In less than an hour the technician had removed our stove, sink and entire kitchen counter top to correct the problem we have been having with our sink falling down. This is the job that the dealership was afraid to tackle?

Repair work is well under way to resolving our problem.

In addition to just putting back the four screws and clips that originally held our sink in place the technician used a powerful adhesive to glue the sink to the bottom of the countertop. If the sink ever does require removal from the countertop that might cause a problem, but I feel it's worth the risk!

Not only did they fix the sink, they were kind enough to cut a hole in the countertop for an under-counter dish soap dispenser, something Tricia has wanted since we first started traveling. When they told us it wouldn't be a problem to install I quickly ran out to a Home Depot (22 miles away) and picked up a matching bronze dispenser. I'm glad Tricia liked the one I picked out because it was the only one they had in stock!

As if that wasn't enough, they found time to replace the burned out light inside of our door grab bar and replaced the entire awning light that hasn't worked since very early on in our trip. These two items required parts that the dealership didn't have on hand so they were unable to repair these simple tasks for us either.

So today was spent taking everything apart and setting up the glue to dry overnight. Tomorrow will be spent putting everything back together, fixing the lights and sending us on our way to our next campsite. Between everything repaired at the dealership and the factory we finally have everything working like new. In the case of the kitchen sink, better than new!


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