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TRAVEL DAY - 64.8 miles


Finishing up the Blue Ridge Parkway and moving on
to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Photos taken while traveling 40MPH down The Blue Ridge Parkway

Today as we travel the final sixty miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway the fall colors finally begin to show themselves. It only took a few days of rain and overnight temperatures in the low 40's to bring out the colors, along with elevations in excess of 5000 feet. On our travels today we passed the highest elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Richland Balsam's Overlook at an elevation of 6,053 feet. We weren't able to pull over and take photos because the overlook was full of small tour buses and vans, bringing dozens of people from some of the nearby inns and resorts. If we hadn't been towing THE POD with us we may have been able to squeeze in.

With just three nights at Mount Pisgah campground we didn't get an opportunity to do much sightseeing, coupled with the fact that Tricia is finishing up working for the month and I needed to get ROVER his first oil change and tire rotation. It's hard to believe that we have nearly 10,000 miles on the truck already. Fortunately for us the big city of Asheville, NC was just down the mountain from where we are located. With a library for Tricia to comfortably get her work done and a Ford dealership for me to get the oil changed we were just about all set. One other thing Asheville has is a Whole Foods store with an Amazon Locker shipping location for us to use to get a few more much needed items delivered.

Next stop:
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Until next time

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