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TRAVEL DAY - 72.3 miles


Another relatively short move between campgrounds today,
but we did cross the state line of Virginia and North Carolina

When we arrived Thursday at Rocky Knob Campground we asked about where to get our 30lb. propane tank refilled. The ranger said the nearest place was about nine miles away in a small town called Floyd. We also inquired as to where to get some laundry done and he sent us to even smaller town called Meadows of Dan. Although the larger town of Floyd did have a laundromat, he was told by his wife that the one located in Meadows of Dan was cleaner and less expensive. We are all about saving a few quarters when it comes to laundry.

Another thing that he told us about was not to leave without visiting Mabry Mill just a few miles down the Parkway, but that was already on our to do list for this stop. Mabry Mill is one of the iconic photo opportunities on the Blue Ridge Parkway that nearly everyone is familiar with. It is the most photographed location on the Parkway and it was so interesting being there, speaking with the Park Rangers and the mill's caretaker, that it deserves it's own post, it's coming soon. But here's a sneak peak!

Rocky Knob Campground is the reason we haven't been seeing very much wildlife lately, they are all hanging out around here! After we checked in at the ranger station and started driving through the campground to locate our site we spotted no less than six deer and just as many wild turkeys. The entire weekend when ever we would leave the campground and travel down the parkway we would spot deer and turkey around nearly every corner. The only way it could have been better is if we finally had our first bear sighting, no luck with that though.

We were later told by the camp host that the thing to do around here on Friday nights is to visit the Floyd Country Store in the little town of guess where, that's right Floyd. Every Friday night from 6:30pm until around 10:30pm they have live music inside of the store. For their Friday Night Jamboree they wheel out all of the merchandise racks from the store and set up rows and rows of folding chairs to sit on while listening to the music. There is even a dance floor up by the stage. We arrived around 6:00pm so we ate dinner there and waited for the show to begin. We weren't up for the entire four hour show so our plan was to hang around and maybe catch the first couple of songs. That didn't happen, when it was showtime everyone who hadn't paid the $8 admission price was politely asked to leave the store. But when we walked out the front door and onto the street there were a half dozen little groups of four to five musicians sitting all up and down the sidewalks playing music for us to listen to for free. It was a very entertaining Friday night!

Until next time

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