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TRAVEL DAY - 92.9 miles


Still waiting for the fall colors to present themselves

While traveling between the two campgrounds today we must have passed through no less than a dozen or so short tunnels. They are always located on curves and you can't see straight through them so you never know how long they are when you drive into one. Also with there being a lot of bicyclists on the roadway you have to be extra careful when driving inside one of these tunnels.

One thing I haven't mentioned before is the fact that nearly all of the campgrounds are located where there is zero cell phone signal, so we have been driving to the overlooks, sometimes located miles down the parkway to receive an internet connection to update this blog and so Tricia can get her work done. The good thing about that is we get some amazing views out the front windshield of our temporary office space. The pictures below are a prime example of what I'm talking about.

That little white spot in the middle of the photo is actually...

...a stunning unnamed waterfall on the other side of the valley.

The main activity to do when staying at Linville Falls Campground is to hike up to see the waterfall of course, so when the weather cleared on our last day there that's exactly what we did . The best view of the falls is located a short 9/10 of a mile from the visitors center parking lot. A hike of less than a mile to see something that beautiful sounds like an easy decision to make, but you have to realize that most of that nearly one mile is pretty much straight up. We took our time and there were several places to stop and take a break. We decided to hike all the way to the top first and stop at all of the overlooks on the way back down. There are three different places to view the falls from and we stopped at all of them.


The last few steps to reach the Erwin's View Overlook
A far away view of Linville Falls from Erwin's View Overlook
Another view from the top
A closer view of the falls from the Chimney View Platform
A view from the Chimney View Platform
A view of the Upper Falls Overlook from the Chimney View Platform
The path down to the Upper Falls Overlook
The view from the Upper Falls Overlook

Until next time

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