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The first 15-miles of our route today we are very familiar with, we've traveled it nearly every day for the last 5 days.

We first had to descend 1000' from up in the mountins, down to the valley floor in New Mexico. We then turned north on NM-80 and traveled a short distance to where it intersects NM-9.

At this point we turned right (east) and headed 88-miles to the town of Columbus. We were in no huury to get to our destination, we left our campsite early so the next campers could start enjoying the site.

The entire time (2-hours) we were on NM-9 we were traveling at 45MPH, a full 10MPH under the speed limit, and only twice were we passed by another vehicle.

Oddly enough, it was the same vehicle twice. At about the halfway point a box truck passed us and then a few miles down the road we saw him pulled over on the side of the road. It was just before we came to one of the few intersections with other highways that we saw him. I guess he was trying to make sure he was headed in the right direction.

Sure enough about five minutes later he passed us again. To say this stretch of road is in a desolate region of New Mexico would be a huge understatement.

Even though we were going 10MPH under the speed limit the entire time we did pass a few dozen people, but they were all on bicycles.

Because this road is seldom used it makes the perfect place to do endurance road biking. We saw the support vehicle up the road and it appeared to be a commercial business who operates "tours" of the road.

Once we reached the town of Columbus we stopped at the Borderland Cafe for lunch. We ate here last year when we were camped right across the street at Pancho Villa State Park. You may remember we met up with our friend David from California and went into Mexico on foot and had a wonderful lunch.

After lunch we traveled the final 35-miles north on NM-11 to our campsite at Rockhound State Park. We stayed here last year, but only for one night.

After a little work we managed to get THE POD level, even if it doesn't look like it.

Our Campsite #17 is huge with plenty of room for another trailer, if it were allowed.

Our mountain view out the curbside windows.

THURSDAY - Today we've got some errands to do. First up, as always, is to locate the best place in town (Deming, NM) to enjoy breakfast. It's about 15-miles north of Rockhound State Park.

Whenever I see three or more law enforcement vehicles parked outside of a restaurant I know it's one of two things, either it's a good place to get a meal, or it's a crime scene.

I didn't see any yellow tape across the door so we pulled in and ordered breakfast. Being so close to Interstate-10 there were State Trooper and County Sherrif cars outside when we arrived, but they were just finishing up with their breakfast when we arrived.

Before we finished our breakfast, the local City Police arrived with four cars of their own and occupied the same table the other officers had just vacated.

I don't know if that was by design, or just the way it happened, although I suspect it happens everyday.

Next up we need to refill one of our 30-lb. propane bottles. For that we'll have to travel to the other side of Interstate-10. Oddly enough it's the same propane company where we filled two 30-lb. tanks last year when we passed through the area to visit City of Rocks State Park, located north of the city of Deming.

Next up is gasoline and boy did I score a deal on this fillup. Circle K already had the lowest price in town at $3.19 and I recently joined their Inner Circle Club rewards program for FREE and recieve 25¢ off each gallon for the first five fillups after joining. Add to that the fact that Gas Buddy, the FREE app I use to find the cheapest gas price, was running a deal where you recieve another 18¢ off per gallon by activating the deal in their app and then you have 4-hours to make your purchase. Afterwards, take a photo of the receipt and send it in and you're all done. Effectively the gas I purchased today was only $2.76 and I had room for nearly 27-gallons in the tank, saving me a total of $11.61 today and we're going to need every penny because next we have to go grocery shopping.

Deming, NM (pop. 14,758) is just large enough to warrant a Walmart Supercenter and that's where we chose to shop for groceries. We also chose the Walmart because they have a pharmacy and as of last month anyone 65 or older is entitled to an additional COVID booster shot. I qualify for one, but Tricia still has to wait another decade or so to get hers.

We need to purchase 3-weeks worth of groceries ($293.71), because we're headed to southwest Texas where there are few large towns and even fewer good grocery options. We learned this lesson 2-years ago when we traveled through the same region.

After we leave Rockhound State Park we begin a 16-day stretch of having no electric or water hookups, so I hope we have sunny skies and none of the crazy weather Texas is going through this week.

FRIDAY - Today we have just a few more chores to take care of, I need to see a physician to obtain 90-day extensions on all my prescriptions. I'll run out in the middle of "nowhere Texas" next week if I'm not successful.

Tricia tried yesterday at Walmart to get a Shingles Shot so she didn't experience another outbreak like she did last year, but due to a glitch with her insurance information it wasn't available to her. Today she returned and they had the problem resolved so she was able to get the first of two shots required to be fully vaccinated. Somewhere between 2-6 months down the road she'll need that second dose, but at least now we know how to get around the insurance problem.

I filled my new prescriptions at Walmart and we headed back to the campsite.

On our way back to the campsite we decided to check out the Spring Canyon Recreation Area, a nearby subsection of Rockhound State Park. It's set up strictly for day use (no camping) with picnic tables, shade shelters, grills and a vault toilet. There are also several hiking trails that begin and end here.

The roads leading into the recreation area are all paved and that's a good thing, because I might not want to drive these roads if they were covered in loose gravel.

Heading towards Spring Valley on NM-198.

From the top of the rise you can see down into Spring Valley.

From the end of the road and the top of the picnic area
you can see several shade shelter roofs spread throughout the valley.

We've seen many roadgrade warning signs along our travels.
Most of them are between 6% and 8%, sometimes as high as 10%.
But this one may be the highest one we've come across yet!

That's what a 17% downhill grade looks like! It's the same road we came up to get here.

Tomorrow morning will complete our visit here at Rockhound State Park.

Tomorrow afternoon we hope to have a date with a 20' tall roadrunner?

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