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THURSDAY - Tricia got all excited when I mentioned we had a special stop to make along the route today.

I've written about this partiular special stop before on this blog. When we crossed from Mississippi into Alabama I knew we were for the first time in over 22-months back inside of "Publix Territory".

Sure enough, there are not one, but two Publix locations in Tuscaloosa, AL and one of them was EXACTLY on the route the GPS planned for us today.

I knew I'd never get away with driving past without a visit, so I scheduled a stop into the GPS.

This little pitstop cost us $125.00!, but I did get a delicious Publix Sub for lunch.

While shopping in Publix we stocked up on a few items you just can't find anywhere else, my favorite being the 4Rivers "Original" BBQ Sauce. It's distributed by a small 15-location Florida ONLY BBQ Restaurant chain. If you haven't tried their BBQ you should.

I was also happy to see they still have the "Boston Recipe" version of Bush's Baked Beans (my favorite) on the shelf, we almost never see that variety anywhere else.

Tricia was happy to see they still offer a Publix variety of "Hot Italian Turkey Sausage", also something we've seldom seen anywhere else in the country.

All in all it is easy for us to figure out why since 1954 Publix has been known to be the place "Where Shopping is a Pleasure".

After enjoying our Publix "Boar's Head Italian Sub" right there in the parking lot we proceeded the final 15-miles to our destination of Deerlick Creek Campground on nearby Holt Lake.

We maneuvered into our pull-through site and once again leveled up THE POD and didn't bother to unhitch from ROVER.

SATURDAY - I spent the day watching college football on my laptop.

Bryant-Denny Stadium is home to the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football team and is located just 8-miles down the Black Warrior River from where we are camped this weekend.

Their football team is currently ranked 8th in the nation with a 9-1 record. They improved on that today with a decisive 49-21 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. Lucky for us, it was an away game, so we won't be dealing with the 100,000+ plus fans who attend the home games so nearby.

Closer to my heart, it was also time for the annual meeting of the University of Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State University Seminoles football teams. The Hurrianes are presently unranked with a 6-3 record while the Seminoles are ranked 4th in the nation with a perfect 9-0 record.

The Hurricanes were a 14½-point underdog to win the game and if I were a bettin' man I'd have bet THE POD that they would over that spread. Turns out they were never that far behind during the entire game!

It was a hard fought game, just like it almost always is, but in the end the Seminoles came out on top with an exciting win over the Hurricanes by a score of 27-20.

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