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•• 2000 •• !! - BUT WHO'S COUNTING?

Tonight will be our 2000th night on the road!

When I was making up our schedule 6-months ago I didn't take into consideration where we would be spending night number two thousand. It's only by chance that we'll be enjoying a one night stop in the forest at the Chewalla Lake Recreation Area Campground in the Holly Springs National Forest of northern Mississippi.

During the first 2000 nights we've visited 48 states, 29 National Parks, 34 National Monuments, 9 National Seashores, 39 National Forests and Grasslands, 14 World Heritage Sites, taken 63 cave tours and visited countless State, County, City and Private Parks.

That sounds like a lot, but we're only halfway through what we're calling Lap #1. We've still got a lot of exploring to do around the Pacific Coast and then there is still Hawaii to go see.

That should keep us busy well into the year 2026 and then it's time to revisit the Atlantic Coast and properly visit the areas we quickly rolled through back when Tricia was still working fulltime in 2018-2020.

Follow that with 2-years of visiting Canada for 6-months at a time and we're already looking at the year 2030, maybe then we'll plan our return trip to Alaska.

So you see, we still got plans! We also plan to keep sharing our travels with you here on www.TwoPeasAndThePod.com just like we always have, but...

For the last 3-months I've been slowing removing pages from this website and sadly no one noticed, or at least no one mentioned it.

Well those pages didn't just disappear from the internet, they've been transported to a brand new website that you can find at www.TwoTravelingPeas.com which is where we will continue to record most of our travel data.

I would like everyone to go visit the new website and let me know what you think, good or bad.

It's a very cold 29°F start to DAY #2001 here on Chewalla Lake.

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