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Exiting Pasadena, and the Los Angeles area in general, was not an easy task this afternoon with all the Rose Bowl Parade traffic and the closed streets which my GPS didn't pick up on. But we eventually found our way out of town and headed east on Interstate 10 before heading south on Interstate 15, or as they say here in Southern California, "The 10" and "The 15".

Once we headed south on "The 15" we put a mountain range between us, and the coast, and the towns started getting smaller, but then again, everything (except NYC) is smaller than Los Angeles. Passing through towns like Corona (157K pop.), Lake Elsinore (70K pop.) and Temecula (110K pop.) makes the town of Aguanga (1K pop.), where we are, seem tiny.

We have a huge wide site here although it's not very level as you can see.

It's got a nice view out the back, but not well suited for solar collecting with the big shade trees.

After setting up in our campsite we backtracked just 10-miles west on CA-97 and it put us in Temecula, where they have everything we need.

There's a Tractor Supply (to refill our propane tank), a few gas stations (so prices are competitive at $4.19 a gallon), a Walmart (to refill our drinking water) and several other grocery options where we'll pick up a few needed items.

Almost forgot the most important location, they also have an In-N-Out Burger for our dining pleasure, believe me, it's a big deal here in Southern California.

TUESDAY - While this campground may be lacking in facilities like flushing toilets, electric hookups and a dump station, it does not come up short in the wildlife sightings we've had here, even from "inside" THE POD.

No I'm not talking about ants, spiders and mice inside THE POD, I'm talking about what we have seen by just looking out our dinette windows.

Pretty much since the moment we arrived we've seen two rather large rabbits that come wandering out of the scrub behind our campsite. They hop around the campground all day and then return to the scrub area just before dark.

Rarely do they stay close enough together to get a closeup of both at once.

Of course when you have nice plump juicy bunnies running around there's always something else on the prowl to hunt them down. This guy came strolling through the campground just after sunrise scavenging around the firepits and picnic tables looking for scraps of food.

This photo was taken when he was a mere 10-feet behind THE POD and headed for our firepit.
I gave a light knock on our rear window and he prompty went running for cover.

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