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Rather than have a 200+ mile travel day tomorrow, we decided to pack up and leave Castle Dome Mine Road a day earlier than planned and get to somewhere more than half way to our reserved site for Thursday.

That somewhere turned out to be a Pilot Truck Stop parking lot in the small town of Gila Bend, AZ (pop. 1,892) which is 148-miles down the route to our next stop. That will leave us just a 78-mile drive when we wake up tomorrow morning.

Since I probably did a pretty poor job in the previous post trying to describe in words the poor road conditions that make up Castle Dome Mine Road I thought I'd include a photo of the road on our way out this morning.

Does it look anything like what I described? We drove 6½-miles down this road!

This is how bumpy our ride out on Castle Dome Mine Road was!
It's Tricia's magnetic Visited States Map on our refrigerator door!
We damn near lost Texas back to Mexico! and the Joshua Trees are growing upside down?

When we reached the Interstate Highway 8 (no longer "The 8" 'cause we're in AZ now), we stopped into a Walmart to purchase groceries for the week. Once we leave the Yuma area inexpensive groceries might be hard to come by.

The drive today was all Interstate which would climb up one side of a mountain pass and then drop down into a wide valley of desert terrain. This occured twice before we reached Gila Bend.

This is Telegraph Pass just east of Yuma, AZ.

This is Mohawk Pass near the halfway point of our travels today.

All along Interstate 8 today we saw numerous RV Villages where snowbirds purchase a small parcel of land in a community setting and spend their winter months in Arizona. Most of them were advertised as 55+ communities, but heck, by the time we're ready for something like that we'll both be 55+.

Arriving at our destination at 3:00PM we found the huge parking lot nearly empty. Only one other RVer and one 18-wheeler were here before us. I'm not sure what we'll find when we wake up in the morning, but for now this will work just fine for one night. And it's FREE!

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