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YEAR #3 - STOP #58

With today's 180 mile move south I think we have finally left behind the freezing overnight temperatures. It also helps that we have dropped down to an elevation of just 130 feet from the over 1800 feet we experienced in Georgia a few short weeks ago.

Tricia has taken on some extra duties at work this month and we are going to sit still here for two weeks just outside of Mongomery, AL. With the Maxwell Air Force Base less than 10 miles from here we occasionally here a few jets roaring by over head, but never after dark.

We don't have any sightseeing planned for this stop but you never know what we will stumble across and find interesting.

Campsite #10 at Gunter Hill Campground

MONDAY - Like I mentioned we don't have any sightseeing planned for this stop, but we do have a few chores to take care of today.

Just our ordinary stuff like gassing up the truck, going to the laundomat and grocery shopping.

When it comes to gasoline prices we usually find the least expensive gas to be at the Murphy Station just outside of Walmart. Such was the case today, but today we didn't grocery shop at Walmart like we usually do because we are back inside of Publix Territory, Tricia's favorite place to grocery shop.

After we finished doing our laundry (for the first time in nearly a month) we located a nearby Publix and stocked up. We bought enough groceries to hopefully last us the rest of the year, $289 worth of groceries!

It wasn't easy fitting a months worth of laundry and all those groceries into our already tightly packed truck, but we did!

TUESDAY - One of the things I did on our first morning here (Friday) was to put together an Amazon order. There is a drug store in town that is an Amazon Counter Location where we can pick up our order.

I also cleared it with the Check-In Office at the campground to have our post office mail sent here. We should be able to pick that up later this week.

Before I get too far into this story I want to mention that I got a surprise when I zoomed in on Google Maps to find the location of the drug store today.

It seems this drug store is located at the exact corner where a middle aged black woman was arrested on December 1, 1955 for refusing to give up her seat to a white person. There is a now a lifesized bronze statue of her on this corner and the original bus has been restored and is placed in a museum around the corner.

I'm sure most of you know who I'm referring to:

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

I've included this LINK to a very short and interesting article about her and the historical significance of this definant act. It's definitely worth a read.

Now back to my story, today our Amazon order has arrived in town. Nothing to exciting, Tricia wanted a shoe scrubber to place just outside THE POD's door to try and help keep some of the dirt outside. She also asked for a couple different kitchen sink strainers to help keep food particles from finding there way into our grey water tank and some soda can covers, so I don't always feel I have to finish my morning V8 beverage or my afternoon soda.

For me it was a short 1.5" car radio replacemnet antenna for ROVER. I've been working on catching video clips with my cheap action camera (GoPro knockoff) while mounted on the mirrors. The drivers side is fine, but the passenger side had this big ugly antenna in the middle of every shot. You should start seeing some of those video clips on the blog early next year.

A couple of our cabinets have been popping open during travel. So we've been taping them shut with blue painters tape to secure them before travel. I'm working on a more permanent solution and easier way to keep them closed, so I ordered some velcro straps and anchor brackets to see if that will solve the problem.

The big ticket item is a new and improved LevelMatePRO+ Wireless Vehicle Leveling System for THE POD. In short it's a bluetooth device and phone app that let's you know when your trailer is level from the cab of the truck. A real time saver when setting up at a new campsite.

The improvements over our old LevelMate Pro is this one has a longer bluetooth range and can be powered externally by USB. Sometimes I had to hold my phone out the window of the truck to receive the signal and once month I had to take the device all apart to replace the round watch-style battery inside, those batteries are expensive!

This new model should solve both of our issues. Now I have a 2-year old functioning older model to gift away to someone who would like to have it!

FRIDAY - This morning we had just finished eating breakfast when we had a knock on our door. When you live in a house this is not completely unexpected, but living in a travel trailer in a campground where you don't know a single soul, it usually means the ranger needs to speak to you. That usually doesn't involve good news.

My thoughts immediately went to the fact that for the last few weeks our fine elected officials in Washington have been postponing and dodging the possibility of another shutdown of the goverment. Past shutdowns have involved the near immediate closure of federally funded campgrounds in our National Parks and National Forests all over the country.

Also federally funded are the Army Corps of Engineers Parks which is where we are camping today just outside of Montgomery, AL. So it was with great trepidation I prepared to open the door.

By the time I rose from my seat at the dinette I caught a glimpse out our kitchen window of someone in a Christmas colored knit hat walking away from our campsite. Good sign I thought!

What I found when I opened the door was a small sealed tin of store bought cookies on our bottom step. We are still not sure if it was put there by a campground volunteer on behalf on the park management or just one of our fellow campers spreading Christmas cheer one campsite at a time.

Who ever it was, Thank You from Campsite #42!

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