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YEAR #3 - STOP #56

On Monday afternoon I called ahead to Cathedral Caverns State Park to confirm our Thursday through Monday camping reservations and schedule our Friday morning cave tour.

I paid the balance due and was told we were all set to go. I didn't give it another thought until we arrived at the campground entrance and saw the barricade and THE SIGN. It read, campground is open, but all cave tours have been suspended.

After we got all set up on the campsite I drove up to the CLOSED Visitor Center, because there was no cell phone service in the campground area, to let them know we had arrived and which campsite we had selected. This is a non-site specific campground, meaning they guarantee you a site, but don't assign you a number in advance, you just show up and pick an empty one.

I asked to speak to Judy, the lady who took my credit card info on Monday and sold me my cave tour tickets, but was told she was out sick. I asked the lady behind the counter about refunding my cave tour tickets and was told she didn't have access to do that. I asked if Judy was expected to return to work the next day and was told she would be out for several weeks and someone else would take care of my refund, just not her.

I went back to THE POD and then Tricia and I gathered up our laptops and drove to the nearest town to get cell phone service. Tricia had some work that needed to be done and I made arrangements to arrive at our Monday destination early.

I called back to the campground office and informed them we would be leaving in the morning and asked that they also refund my fees for three nights of camping. While in town we gassed up ROVER, got a couple of things at the grocery store and then ate dinner at Hardee's.

I suspected that there may have been a COVID outbreak among the employees and found a post on the State Park's Facebook Page confirming just that. On Wednesday at 1:22PM they announced the closure of the Visitor Center and suspension of all cave tour operations until further notice. That was the day before we arrived.

Someday soon we'll have to return to this quiet little campground (only 5 RV sites and 6 tent sites) and visit their cave. Preferably in May or June when all the crepe myrtle trees scattered throughout the campground are in full bloom.

Close but not too close to the showers and bathhouse.

A row of crepe myrtle trees surrounds Campsite #1

After spending only one night I'm glad we are out of there and hope that all their employees have a speedy recovery. It just goes to show you how quickly plans change when it comes to RV travel.

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