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SUNDAY - We arrived here in Cape Cod, MA on Easter Sunday and began our two week self quarantine. Before we started our cross country trek from Texas we did make a couple potentially ill-advised visits to an Airstream dealership's Service Department and a Walmart for groceries. We did take all the precautions to limit our exposure during both visits and felt comfortable that we were not in any great danger.

Our brand new front window!

While at the Airstream Dealership we got a brand new awning window installed on the front of THE POD and got our screen door hinge fixed so it no longer bangs against the door jamb when it is closed.

If were going to make another trip into a Walmart we decided to make in worthwhile at a cost of $450. We purchased enough groceries, beverages, snacks and paper products to last us hopefully for a month. With only a 7 cubic foot refrigerator we had to be careful not to buy more than would fit inside at any one time. For that reason we will probably run out of dairy products before the month is up but not much else.

During our four days of traveling on the road our only exposure came from our morning visits to the rest area bathrooms and our twice a day visit to the gasoline pumps. Again we took every precaution during these instances.

TUESDAY - After spending a couple of days visiting with Tricia's stepfather we moved THE POD from his driveway over to her aunt and uncle's backyard today. We also took THE POD over to the nearby water treatment facility to dump all of our holding tanks before we park in their backyard. With a little effort we should only have to go dump our tanks once every two weeks or so. It is here that we will spend most of our time while in Cape Cod this summer.

Our easy back in spot behind their home

Down in this gully is where the turkeys like to hand out

Water, electric and decent cell phone service! Everything we need, plus the bonus of being close to family.

We are nestled into a wooded section behind their home and access is gained by a gravel road that serves the high power lines running behind their property. It's like a mini wildlife preserve back here with robins, jays, a hawk and at least four big turkeys that come visit our area nearly everyday. We were also told to expect to see some rabbits when it warms up just a little.

Additionally we have 15-amp electricity that is supplied from their pool pump. Later this summer when they open their pool (usually around Memorial Day) we'll have to run an extension cord up to the house to get our electricity. There is also a water hose that reaches back to our parking spot so we can refill our fresh water tank when needed. Not a bad place to be for the summer! We are very fortunate to be able to spend our time here while all the public parks across the U.S. are closed until further notice.

THURSDAY - Today was a day for chores. Since we arrived at Tricia's aunt and uncle's backyard nine days ago Tricia's uncle has been trimming trees and collecting small branches into a burn pile. Just before we arrived he had burned a huge pile of brush twice the size of today's pile.

Today's modest pile of brush to burn!

Since this pile was located a mere 10 yards away from where we are currently parking THE POD we quickly packed up everything and moved it out of the way. There are a lot of safety rules about burning brush in this township. First you have to log in to their website after 10:00AM and make sure today is an authorized burn day. If the winds are too high backyard brush fires are not permitted. Also all fires must be completely extinguished before 4:00PM each day. One other thing to consider is that after May 1st no more fires are permitted until next February.

Today was perfect weather to have a brush fire, light winds and no rain, so while the fire was burning we took THE POD back over to the town's Water Treatment Facility and emptied our tanks, even though they were only half full.

By the time we got back, less that an hour later, the brush pile was reduced to nothing but a smoldering pile of ash. We threw on a loose extra piece of rotted wood just so there was something for the fire to continue to burn.

Not much left just an hour later!

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