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4 DAYS 😷 11 STATES 😷 2099 MILES




YEAR #3 - STOPS #19-22


We finished up at the Airstream Dealership just before noon today and got an earlier than expected start to our eastward travels. The longest trip towing the THE POD before today was a mere 288 miles, that record will be broken over and over again during the next few days.

Today travels had us leaving the Airstream Dealer in Texas, traveling the full width of Oklahoma (including the state capitol of Oklahoma City) before stopping for the night at the Welcome Center located on I-40 Eastbound just inside the state of Arkansas. We shared the parking lot with a few other "big rigs" who were also there to catch a few hours of shuteye.


Today had us traveling the full width of the state of Arkansas (including the state capitol of Little Rock) and half way across the very wide state of Tennessee (including the state capitol of Nashville). We stopped at a very nice rest area on I-40 Eastbound which wasn't quite as busy as the Welcome Center where we stayed the previous night.

Oh, I also most forgot to mention! We were very nearly involved in a head on collision on the road today. A semi-tractor driver was going the wrong way down the Interstate.

Just kidding! The truck was actually being towed backward down the road, but it was a startling site for Tricia when I asked her to look up from playing a game on her phone.

That'll teach her to pay more attention
to the road while I'm driving!


Today is our longest travel day yet. It was so long we actually drove through five different states before parking and calling it quits for the night.

We started by driving through the eastern half of Tennessee before crossing into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. At the northern edge of Virginia we passed through short sections of West Virginia and Maryland before crossing the state line into Pennsylvania.

Once again we spent the night in a Welcome Center Rest Area, this time in was on I-81 in Pennsylvania. Also just like last time we were not alone in the parking area. We have now learned how to share a few hours of shuteye with the big rigs.


Over the last three days on the road things have been going better than expected. The conditions have been perfect for driving, no rain and no real winds to speak of. The traffic on all the Interstate Highways has been very light with most everyone complying with the nationwide "stay at home" requests.

With that being said, tomorrow's weather forecast for this region is for lots of rain and very strong winds, two things you don't want when towing a trailer. For that reason we decided to put in another very long day on the road and just push through to our final destination.

We started today at the southern edge of Pennsylvania and drove up to Scranton, PA to get well north of New York City before heading east again. It was when our route took us through a narrow section of New York state that we pulled over in a roadside picnic area to have lunch and inform Tricia's family we would be arriving tonight instead of tomorrow.

The picnic area was very neglected and poorly maintained. There was trash all around the tables and debris all over the parking lot, but we weren't even getting out of the truck so we felt it didn't matter to much to us. We couldn't have been more wrong!

After lunch we weren't more than twenty miles down the road when an alarm on our TMPS (tire pressure monitoring system) alerted us that one of the trailer tires was loosing air at a very rapid rate. In mere seconds the tire pressure dropped from 80psi to 35psi so I slowed down and pulled into the right-hand lane. As luck would have it we were in the middle of a very long uphill climb with no shoulder (only a cliff face) to our right.

Fortunately for us at the top of the hill was another rest area where we could safely pull off the road. I decided rather than deal with the situation ourselves I would call the Roadside Assistance company and let them deal with it. They informed someone could be there in 45-minutes to change our tire so we began our wait.

We once again called Tricia's family to let them know we would be further delayed but would still arrive tonight. The driver showed up right on time and within 15-minutes we were back on the road, sort of?

For the last couple of days every once in a while when starting ROVER the cruise control and tow/haul mode would not work. Usually turning the ignition off and back on would make the problem go away, not this time! After several attempts I just decided to drive the last 200 miles without the features.

I sure do miss having those two features! They help maintain constant speed and proper shifting (thereby cooling) of the transmission, which is especially important while driving up and down steep roads in the mountains.

Anyway we made it to our final destination after driving first through Pennsylvania, then New York and Connecticut, before arriving in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Like the blog title says, 4 DAYS • 11 STATES • 2099 MILES.


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