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This was not our first choice of where to spend our New Years holiday! Back in October Hurricane Michael plowed through the Florida panhandle as a high end Category 4 storm and destroyed all of the Florida State Park campgrounds in the area. That effectively cancelled all of our camping reservations for the entire month of December and part of January. So on Halloween night, instead of Trick or Treating, I was hard at work trying to reschedule our route and stay in the same general area, northern Florida. Locating available campsites at nearly the last minute... in Florida... during the winter... is something I don't want to have to deal with again anytime soon. But in the end we scored some pretty decent campsites to replace the ones that were cancelled. That's why everyone always says, "RV travel plans are never set in stone, they're always set in jello".



and our new blog format. We hope you had as memorable a New Year as we did. Our good friends Jorge and Alyse drove over 300 miles to spend a few days visiting with us and to ring in the New Year. We had a campfire every night they were here and spent over five hours in front of the campfire on New Year's Eve, reliving old stories and planning for future ones. We somehow managed to keep the campfire going until midnight, but not more than a few minutes afterwards. They are leaving today, to head back home and spend the rest of the holiday with family. Drive safe and enjoy your time with the grandchildren.

How did you spend your New Year's Eve?



Today was laundry day and even though the campground has a washer and dryer available for $2 each, we needed some heavy duty equipment to do our bed comforter and blankets in. So we loaded up ROVER with all our dirty laundry and headed into the nearby town. Back on Thursday we noticed a laundromat hiding in corner of a shopping plaza behind an auto parts store while driving back from getting some groceries. This morning we tried to Google the address but only found it by using Apple Maps on my iPhone.

Keystone Village Laundry, 7380 State Road 100, Suite 21, Keystone Heights, FL 32656, (352) 473-9002, is the closest laundromat to Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park at just under 7 miles from the entrance gate, it's another 3 miles from our campsite at the very back of the park. We couldn't find a website to link to so that's why I just posted the address and phone number here for everyone. We did find one review on Yelp, which was less than stellar, but we tried it out anyway. It was an average laundromat cleanliness wise and was a little above average price wise, which were to two biggest complaints on Yelp. Don't worry about having enough quarters before going here because they use a proprietary Wash Card vending machine which converts your $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills into credits on your card. Be careful not to over purchase as there is no way to get a refund on unused credits.

Their prices as of our visit were 25 cents for 5 minutes of drying time, with a notice in the fine print that the last two minutes of each cycle the heat is shut off to let your clothes cool off so they can be safely handled when the timer runs out. So if you know that it's going to take more than one 5 minute cycle to dry (for instance your towels and jeans) go ahead and insert and remove your card several times to get as many heat cycles as you think it will take, don't let it drop into that last 2 minute no heat cycle.

They have four different size washing machines and each has it's own price. The 18 lb. load was $2.50, the 40 lb. load was $4.75, the 55 lb. load was $5.75 and the 75 lb. load was $7.00, like I said, a little bit on the pricey side compared to other laundromats we have recently visited.

Another advantage to this location is having a grocery store at the other end of the shopping plaza, a Hitchcock's Market, which is a small North Central Florida grocery chain with 10 locations. We picked up a few items for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's lunch. Two birds with one stone, or as I like to say, multitasking. Saves money (in the form of gasoline) and more importantly it saves time, so we can get back to relaxing and having fun!

And just in case it's lunch time when you are doing your laundry, there is a McDonald's, Subway, China Wok and Laredo Mexican all in the same plaza for your dining pleasure.

Who will be the first to correctly guess our next location?

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