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Fort Wilderness Campground is by far the most expensive place we have parked the trailer since we started our fulltime journey last May. It's not the most beautiful campground we have stayed at, or even offers better amenities than most state parks do. What it does offer is easy access and free transportation to all of the Disney attractions. By staying here you avoid the parking fees and the need to drive 30-45 minutes in and out of the park each day. There are all kinds of additional perks to being a resort guest that change with each season. If you are planning a trip to Disney for more than two days go ahead and pay the price to stay at Fort Wilderness, even if you are camping in a tent, you won't be spending anytime in it anyway except to sleep.


YEAR #2 - STOP #3

This was my first time ever at Fort Wilderness and Tricia hasn't been here since she was a child with her parents. I knew the cost was double what I consider expensive for a campsite, but you're not just getting a campsite for the price. Driving through the two dozen loops of campsites I could see that there wasn't going to be any privacy between sites, something I place high on my list of what constitutes a good campsite. The only reason the campsites are worth the cost is to obtain the free transportation to all of the attractions. Once we got ROVER detached from THE POD there was no need to move it again until it was time to leave five days later. Between the boats, the buses and the monorail you could go from any of the resorts, to any of the parks, to any of the shopping and eating destinations, from early morning to very late in the evening. No driving, no missed turns, no locating your car in the huge parking lots, no traffic jams thanks to the bus only lanes. One other big advantage is you didn't have to start and end your day at the same location just to pick up your car to drive home.

After five days of Disney I'm glad I went, but I'm just as happy that it's finally over.

Have you been a Fort Wilderness guest? What did you think of your visit?



Tricia's girlfriend Heather drove over from Jacksonville last night to go visit Universal Studios with her, you see they are both huge Harry Potter fans, I'm not. While they were off in Harry Potter Land, I took the free bus ride over to Disney Springs to entertain myself for the day. Didn't turn out so well for me because I arrived there much too early in the morning and this seemed more like an evening destination so I was back at THE POD in time for lunch. Not feeling like making myself a meal, I took the boat from the campground over to the Contemporary Resort dock. Once there I took the monorail around for a full loop and ate lunch at the Contemporary Resort's Cafe. After lunch it was back on the boat and return to THE POD for some R&R to prepare for the upcoming long days in Disney.

The girls were back much earlier than expected so we decided to have dinner together before Heather drove back home to Jacksonville that night. I mentioned my visit to Disney Springs that morning and told them of all the unique restaurants they have there. Also it would mean we could all ride over in Heather's car and she wouldn't have to drive us back into the campground after dinner, we could just take the bus back!



With Heather safely back home in Jacksonville we now have room for new guests to come visit us. Today Tricia and I plan on visiting Epcot and by the time we get back to THE POD tonight our friends Alyse and Jorge should have arrived. We will be spending so much time in the parks this week I am just going to go over our favorite ride in each park. For Epcot our favorite ride had to be Soarin' Around the World.



With the arrival of our new guests last night we decided that for today we will divide up. The ladies, Tricia and Alyse, will be visiting The Magic Kingdoms while Jorge and I will make the short drive over to the State Fairgrounds in Tampa to explore the RV Super Show going on all this week. This is the same show Tricia and I visited every year, for the last five years, while we were shopping for the perfect RV for us to fulltime in.

Last January at this very show we ordered THE POD and took delivery in April. It was good to once again see Scott Laferty from RVOne in Orlando at the show. He is the salesman we spoke to just once a year at each of the last three shows after we decided it would be an Airstream we would purchase in 2018. This year he recognized me as a familiar face approaching him, even with a crowd of people between us. With me sporting a three month old beard that I never had before and my friend Jorge by my side, he surprised me by remembering mine and Tricia's first names, and the fact that he sold us a Tommy Bahama Special Edition Airstream. If anyone ever considers purchasing an RV in the Tampa/Orlando area I highly recommend asking for Scott Laferty at RVOne, tell him Phil and Tricia sent you, he knows who we are!



Today all four of us visited Animal Kingdom together. We were at the park early, even before they opened. Once the gates opened up nearly everyone had the same idea, make a rush for the Avatar Flight of Passage ride. This was far and away our favorite ride at the Animal Kingdom and judging by the long line first thing in the morning with the hour long wait to see it, everyone else agreed. Just an FYI, by the time we exited the ride the wait time was over three hours.



On Friday we once again split up and the ladies got in one last day at Hollywood Studios and we guys had the task of moving the trailer out of the Fort Wilderness Campground and into a more affordable park an hour away. The ladies spent the whole day and most of the night in the park and it wasn't until nearly 10:00pm before they arrived at our new location. Tomorrow morning it will be time to say goodbye to our friends and I suspect it will be quite a long time before we see them again, somewhere down the road!

Who will be the first to correctly guess our next location?

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