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"The Yellowhammer State"
is our 9th visited state

TRAVEL DAY - 107 miles


Entering a new state for us, SWEET HOME ALABAMA!

Tricia and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary this month and we both got THE ITCH! Fortunately our itch is THE TRAVEL ITCH! Among the RV crowd it's known as HITCH ITCH, that desire to hitch up the trailer and move on to the next exciting adventure, the one that awaits us at the next campground destination of our choice. Even after six months of being together 24/7 in just a little over 200 square feet of space we both enjoy the fulltime RV lifestyle that we have chosen to live. It's not always "peaches and cream" but at the end of each day we can't see ourselves going through life any other way.

Our chosen destination for the last week has been McKinney Campground in northwestern Georgia. It is an Army Corp of Engineers park which means there is always water nearby. In this case, it is on the shores of the Lake Allatoona Reservoir on the Etowah River. We have a huge beautiful campsite which positions our rear dinette window overlooking the 12,000 acre lake.

Not a bad office view for the week.

A view of our home from the other side of the lake.

Notice how low the water levels are in the reservoir? This time of year that's pretty normal, but it's been raining most of this week so that should help matters. We did manage to enjoy a campfire one night and had two deer pass right under our rear window during one afternoon here. Not much sightseeing to do around here but Tricia did manage to get a lot of work done and I got a little maintenance on the trailer taken care of.

The major news to report is the fact that all four of our December and January camping reservations for the state parks in the Florida panhandle were cancelled due to the storm damage caused by Hurricane Michael back in October. As of right now there are six state parks campgrounds in the panhandle that are still closed, several may remain that way for months to come. Some of you know how hard it is to get campsite reservations at nearly the last minute in Florida during the winter. It seems all of the premiere sites are booked solid throughout the season, but we did manage to get confirmed reservations to make up for all the cancellations. They are not obviously our first choices, but we do have a place to stay, all have electric and water hookups, so we will be nice and comfy throughout the holidays.

Until next time

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