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SATURDAY - The "official" attendance numbers for the rally have just been released. There were 1,192 Airstreams with 2,262 adults plus 71 youth/children at this year's rally! Those numbers are amazing!

Along with the attendance numbers there are some other even more amazing numbers I'd like to share, all thanks to the generosity of our members:

126 pints of blood were collected and donated through a local Blood Drive.
150 pounds of aluminum collected to be cashed in and donated to Ronald McDonald House.
33,000+ diapers collected to donate to the United Way of Southwest Wyoming Diaper Bank.
$12,193 in cash collected to be donated to the United Way of Southwest Wyoming.
501 pillows were hand stuffed and sewn, then donated to Pillows for Preemies at local hospitals.

Those are some numbers we can all be proud of!

With numerous raffles and door prizes being handed out all day/every day during the sevens days of the rally, the only one we won was a FREE cup of ice cream.

All thanks to me for taking time out of my busy schedule to fill out the ticket stubs and place them in the bin.

Tricia's ticket was drawn as one of two lucky daily winners on Day #5 of the rally.

You're welcome dear! Enjoy your FREE ice cream!

MONDAY - Today is the day we get our final repair and upgrade performed on our newly refreshed ROVER.

When I took ROVER into Performance Auto & Truck last Friday to have some leaf spring helpers installed I learned two things. One, I would have to go back to the factory bump stops on the rear axle if I wanted to install the leaf spring helpers and two, ROVER has a crack in the rear driver side frame.

You can clearly see the large crack that goes directly to that large hole on the frame. The only purpose of that hole is to lighten the truck to get better gas mileage, but in doing so it weakens the frame.

At the Flea Market on Friday we sold about 200-pounds worth of items that used to be located in the back of the truck. It's not a lot of weight removed, but every little bit helps.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY - The town of Rock Springs set off a 15-minute barrage of fireworks at 10:00PM just 100-yards behind our campsite.

We went over and briefly watched as they were setting up for the show.

It looks like it's going to be one heck of a show tonight, judging by all those launch tubes.

Look at all those electronics to make sure the timing of the fireworks comes off just right.

And here's the Grande Finale of the fireworks show!

Of course Tricia has had her hand-made decorations on display all week.

WEDNESDAY - Today is our last day in southwestern Wyoming.

Not knowing the next time we'll have a decent laundromat on our route, we've decided to wash the two weeks of dirty laundry we've generated while visiting here in Rock Springs.

On our way to the laundromat we took ROVER to the CAT scales at the Flying J Truck Stop and had him weighed. He's is still overweight on the rear axle and the front axle is right at the maximum allowed.

Tomorrow on the way out of town we'll weigh ROVER and THE POD together to see where we stand on tongue weight and total weight. This should be enlightening, we haven't done a total weigh in for several years now.

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