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STOP #256

I was updating our data tracking spreadsheet this morning, like I do every morning, with our daily temperatures from AccuWeather's website when I saw a story headline that read,

"45 years ago: The day it snowed in Miami".

I was working at Miramar Lanes at the time as a 21-year old mechanic and remember just staring out the front doors of the bowling alley early that morning, watching the snow land on my 1975 Pontiac Trans Am, wondering if it would hurt the "big bird decal" on the hood.

If the AccuWeather website story is truly accurate, like when has the weatherman ever got it wrong, January 19, 1977 was the first, and last time, it ever snowed that far south in Florida. Oh, how I remember the good old days!

Our original plans were to spend this weekend at a campsite in the Angelina National Forest, but none of their campsites have electrical hookups available. So "Plan B" went into effect and we booked a last minute reservation at an Army Corps of Engineers park in the same vicinity.

Why the change? Honestly we just chickened out! The overnight lows forecast for this weekend are 25°F, 21°F, 23°F & 36°F, with daytime highs only ranging between the low 40s°F up into mid 50s°F. That's just too damn cold for too damn long to be without electricity for heating THE POD's holding tanks and come to think of it, for us too!

Our lakefront Campsite #26 at Mill Creek Park, 10 miles outside of Jasper, TX.

We have a huge side yard outside our front door.

FRIDAY - With it being way to cold to enjoy anything outdoors today (mid-40s°F) we decided to spend our time (and money on gas) driving around checking out all the other Federal Campgrounds in this area.

There are three Angelina National Forest campgrounds that can accommodate THE POD. None of them have hookups for water or electric and none of them had anyone camping in them while we visited today.

There are five other Army Corps of Engineer campgrounds (not counting the one we are in now) on the Sam Rayburn Reservoir which is surrounded by the Angeline National Forest. We checked out four of them and are pleased that after seeing all of them, we would still pick the one we are in now.

As you can see in the photo below, we have the entire corner of this campground to ourselves.

SUNDAY - We found a hidden gem of a BBQ joint just outside of the campground entrance. It's called Texas Joe's Backporch BBQ and it's literally just that, a husband and wife team who 3 years ago opened a BBQ joint from the enclosed back porch of their modest home. They are only open Thursday through Sunday for lunch and dinner, so Steve still has time for his second love, fishing!

We didn't take any food pictures because well, the food ain't pretty, but it sure is mighty tasty. It's served in styrofoam containers and paper bowls. You'll be eating with plastic utensils and drinking from styrofoam cups. Guess it saves them from the need for a dishwasher!

There are only three four-seater booths inside of the enclosed back porch, but lots of seating outside in the yard under a huge shade tree for when the weather allows. We liked it so much we ate there twice in four days, something we hardly ever do!

Upon our arrival here on Thursday we drove right past it and agreed we would go have lunch there after we got setup on the campsite. The food was so good and inexpensive we promised to return for lunch on Sunday. We gladly kept our promise!

This is the view of their gravel parking lot from the road leading to the campground.

Their self made welcome sign pointing out the entrance to the back porch.

There's me, just chatting away while waiting for my meal to be prepared.

After waking up to 26°F temperatures this morning, the afternoon high was a comfortable 66°F, warm enough to enjoy our final sunset here at the Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

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