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STOP #254

After a typical travel day of 138 miles we arrived at the first of five National Forest visits we have planned for this month. First up on our route is Homochitto National Forest in Eastern Mississippi.

Clear Springs Recreation Area is the only campground in this forest that has water and electric hookups at each site. It's a first come, first serve site, which means there are no reservations accepted. You just have to show up and hope there is a site open for you to camp on.

We had our hopes that one of the two sites we selected from viewing an online campground map would be open when we arrived. Sites #18-19 have views of the spring from up above. We lucked out and only Site #19 was occupied by a couple of tent campers when we arrived, so we selected Site #18 for ourselves.

After getting all setup in the site we found out there was only a very weak cell signal available. Fortunately at the entrance to the campground there was a usable signal to download books and make phone calls.

Campsite #18 at Clear Spring Recreation Area in the Homochitto National Forest of Mississippi.

Our balcony view of Clear Spring down below.

Our first sunset viewed through the pine trees from the rear of our campsite.

FRIDAY - With afternoon temperatures right around 70°F we felt it was the perfect time to get outdoors and stretch our legs with a hike around the park.

With no cell signal and no internet it was our best choice for entertainment, besides reading our books. You can only do that for so long before cabin fever sets in when confined in a 200 square foot space.

At the edge of our campsite there are stairs that lead down to a bridge
that crosses over the other side of the spring pool.

This is the total volume of outflow from the springhead,
not very impressive when compared to others we've seen.

There was even a little wildlife to be spotted while out on our hike.

SUNDAY - What a difference forty-two hours can make!

Friday at noon we were out hiking in shorts and t-shirts with 70°F temperatures and this morning we woke up to 30°F temperatures and something we've only experienced four other times in the last forty-four months while on the road.

We're glad the snow came today, because at this time tomorrow,
we'll be heading some 300+ miles down the road to our next destination!

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