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STOP #238

Today our route is still due south trying to avoid getting caught in the freezing temperatures later this year. Last year we were a little slow in heading south and really paid the price spending a few nights below freezing and in the upper teens. We don't want to make that mistake again!

This weeks camping spot is just a short hike and a few hundred few below the highest point in the state of Arkansas. The summit of Mount Magazine is called Signal Hill and is at an elevation of 2753 feet.

ROVER and THE POD climbed the road leading to the peak of this flat-topped mountain, or mesa, like a champ. Now going back down the other side on our way to the next campground might be a different story if Ford can't find anything wrong with the brakes when there truly is a hidden problem. Cross you fingers, we will be!

TUESDAY - This morning we treated ourselves with a Buffet Breakfast at the Mount Magazine Lodge. We were there when the opened at 7:00AM and watched the sunrise from our breakfast table. We were the first to arrive and I for one sure got my $9.95 worth of food before leaving!

The sunrise view from just outside the window of our breakfast table.

That's Blue Mountain Lake down there and guess what,
there are two Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds on the lake.

A viewing platform and telescope to check out the valley floor far below.

WEDNESDAY - Today is our oil change appointment at Ford down in Paris, AR.

I'll spare you the boring details, except to let you know our brakes checked out just fine and we should be safe leaving the mountain top with THE POD on Monday.

We did also pick up our forwarded mail at the Post Office in town, got our laundry done, got the chip in ROVER's windshield filled, pumped a quarter tank of gasoline and did grocery shopping for the next week or so.

And even with all that we were back at the campsite before noon.

Seeing as how we are in Paris, I knew the Eiffel Tower had to be nearby.

This stick-bug (Phasmatodea) was waiting for us back at the campsite.
Thankfully he was on the outside of our dinette window.

We have now seen these odd creatures all over the park.
Here is one we saw on the move, they look even odder when they do that!

THURSDAY thru SUNDAY - Thursday and Friday we were pretty much fogged in at the campsite. A cold front came through the area Wednesday night and left the entire top of Mount Magazine literally in the clouds for two days.

Saturday morning the sun was out and we went back down into town to the Ford dealership to pick up a cabin air filter for ROVER that they didn't have in stock Wednesday when they did the oil change.

We also spent $10 at a weekend Farmer's Market that was taking place in the town square. We picked up a bunch of home grown garden vegatables for really cheap!

When we returned to the mountain top we took a short one-way scenic drive that completely encompassed the campground. There were several overlooks to stop at to peer at the valleys below.

Sunday we finally got around to hiking the trail up to the very top of Arkansas. It's only a half mile from THE POD's front door and we climbed up and back down the trail in just less than an hour.

I'll share all of our photos in one slideshow because I can't seem to get two slideshows to work properly on just one blog post.


The roadside Welcome Sign for Mount Magazine State Park.
A view of the first overlook along the Scenic Drive.
All those trees are just a small part of the Mount Magazine Wildlife Area and the Ozark National Forest.
One of the sharp cliffs that make up the mesa that is Mount Magazine State Park.
A view from another overlook along the Scenic Drive.
A view of the Army Corps of Engineers dam that created Blue Mountain Lake.
The outflow passage they use to control the water levels in the lake.
Blue Mountain Lake is one of the top fishing destinations in Arkansas.
This is what the Mount Magazine Lodge looks like form the valley floor.
On our way back up to the campsite we saw this controlled burn back down in the valley.
This is what the outside of the back deck of the lodge looks like.
This is the view from the rear deck of Blue Mountain Lake.
Here I am starting the hike up to the Arkansas Highpoint.
The sign to let you know you made it to the top.
It's hard to tell from this photo but the stonework on the ground is in the shape of the state of Arkansas.
This carving in the map shows the location of the Indian Reservation in the southern part of the state.
This star is located on the map where the capitol city of Little Rock is located.
And this geodetic marker depicts the location of the highpoint where we are standing now.

All of the markings in the rocks in the pictures in the slideshow were brought to our attention by a Boy Scout Leader who happened to be visiting with his troop at the same time we were there.

He also pointed out that the larger and taller rocks in the northern edge of the map depict the mountains located in that area of the state. Also there are solid concrete veins running through the map that depict the major rivers that criss-cross the state.

If he wouldn't have taken the time to share that with us it would have probably all gone unnoticed by us. Thanks for helping us to better appreciate what we were standing on!!

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