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STOP #240

After a relatively long 193-mile travel day we made it to our destination of Beaver Dam Campground on Upper Caney Lake in the Kisatchie National Forest outside the town of Minden, LA. Boy, that was a mouthful!

While I know I have mentioned here several times in the past that we continually have our campsites reserved in advance for at least for the next six months, one thing I don't do in advance is pick the actual route we are going to take to get there. I leave that chore for the last minute, usually the night or two before we hit the road.

So our preferred route, according to our sometimes untrustworthy Garmin 770 GPS, has us traveling around the east side of the city of Texarkana. I noticed that a short detour around the west side of town instead would put us briefly in the state of Texas. Since the town got it's name by straddling the state border of Texas and Arkansas, that would give us another State Border Crossing to add to our list, Arkansas into Texas. So that's what we did! Now we have traversed over 62 of the 107 state border crossings in the Lower 48 states.

Lucky Campsite #13 at Beaver Dam Campground

FRIDAY - We have no sightseeing plans for this weekend and only plan to mostly hang around and enjoy our campsite. We do however need to go into town and fillup with gas and grab a few groceries for next week.

We were up early this morning and got a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise over Upper Caney Lake out of our rear dinette window.

We waited until lunch time to head into town because we saw a sign for a diner called Hamburger Happiness when we drove through yesterday, with a name like that we just felt we had to check it out. Tricia did get a burger, but I opted for the $10 Fried Catfish Basket with fries, tater tots and onion rings. It was a lot of food but I managed to finish it all off and Tricia enjoyed her cheeseburger, but it's not the best burger she's had. Happiness though? Yes!

We then went to the Walmart Supercenter to fillup on $2.99 gasoline, everywhere else was $3.09 or higher, and grabbed a little over a $100 worth of groceries. We also filled three of our 3-gallon drinking water bottles because we were running low.

Back at camp we sat outside for a while and then around sunset Tricia walked over to the other side of the campground loop to the boat ramp area to grab this photo.

That's about all for today so I'll close this post now and enjoy the rest of our weekend.
I hope you are able to do the same!

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