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STOP #209

Today our travels took us just over 100 miles due west on I-90, from Minnesota and back into South Dakota for a couple of weeks.

As soon as we crossed the state line two things happened immediately. First, the speed limit went from a comfortable 70MPH to a very fast paced (at least while towing a trailer) 80MPH. Of course we were only going 60MPH and 65MPH respectively to be safe while towing.

The other thing that happened was the price of gasoline along the Interstate went from a consistent $2.89 a gallon to a slightly more palatable $2.79 a gallon. I wish we would have waited to fill up our 36 gallon tank, but I don't like to maneuver around in gas stations when THE POD is attached.

We hit the road a little bit early this morning (8:00AM) because our stop today is at a city park where they have FREE campsites with electricity and water. There are only two of them and we tried to time it so that our intended 10:30AM arrival would be after anybody on the sites that were leaving today would be gone and anybody planning to arrive today would still be on the road. There are no reservations taken for these two sites.

It worked perfectly, both sites were empty when we arrived and we had our choice of either site. But who knows, they could have both been empty for the entire last week!

Our FREE campsite here at Stickney City Park.

FRIDAY - From the title of this blogpost you are all probably wondering,

Well today we found out for ourselves and we're going to share it with you so you'll know too!

The Corn Palace is Mitchell, SD's premier tourist attraction.

It is considered to be a piece of folk art, covered nearly year round with 12 different colors of corn. In late May they begin taking off the non-mural sections of corn and then in August they remove the rest of it so they can put up a brand new theme. The murals don't stop once you get inside, most of the interior walls are covered with murals too.

In addition to just being a piece of folk art there is an 2,700 seat auditorium inside where they host high school basketball, music concerts, live stage performances, proms, graduation ceremonies and just about anything else you want to rent the interior for. For non-basketball events they have floor seating to increase the capacity to 3,200.

Probably the second largest tourist attraction in town is the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village. It's only a few miles between attractions so we took the time to check it out also while we were in town.

They have a well displayed museum and gift shop in addition to an Archeodome protecting the excavation site from the weather. They are continuously unearthing 1000+ year old pieces of pottery, bones and tools from the Native People who used to inhabit this area.


A street view of the front of the Corn Palace.
A view of the south (right) side of the palace.
As early as May each year they begin to dismantle the more fragile grasses and reeds that help make up the murals.
A completed scene of the Crazy Horse Memorial, currently being constructed in western South Dakota near Mount Rushmore.
A close up of the detail in the placement of the different colored cobs.
The murals continue on the inside of the building.
The Mount Rushmore scene.
Sturgis, also in western South Dakota, is the location of the largest motorcycle rally in America. 500,000 to 700,000 riders attend each year during the second week in August.
The next five photos are a rendition of a Native Indian dwelling based on what they have uncovered from the dig site.
The Archeodome is located a short walk from the museum.
Welcome to the Archeodome.
Inside the Archeodome.
As you can see there is currently no excavation going on inside of the Archeodome.
They have a United States map on the wall encouraging visitors to place pins on where they are visitiing from.
Some one has put TWO green PEA colored pins right over Coconut Creek where we used to live? Who could have done that?

SATURDAY - There are only two "official" RV sites here at Stickney City Park, but we found out today that there are several other places where you are "allowed" to park overnight.

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, another travel trailer pulled into the other official site next to us and plugged in to the 30AMP power. Turns out they are locals who were just here to have a weekend "staycation" away from their home.

Then today around lunch time a 3rd travel trailer, oddly another local, pulled into the grass behind the official two sites and plugged into another 30AMP outlet over by the playground pavillion. It wasn't very much later a 4th trailer from Montana, this one smaller, pulled into the grass about 50 yards west of us to spend the night unplugged.

Then just about dinner time a 5th travel trailer pulled in between us and the playground and plugged into the 30AMP outlet located on the light pole in the park.

So with only two official RV sites here we had a total of 5 trailers here for Saturday night.

The trailer that was unplugged was gone before we even woke up the next morning, as I suspected because he didn't even unhitch the trailer from his truck. By 2:00PM the other three trailers had left and once again we are all alone for our last night here.

SUNDAY - For the first time since last April I got my drone out to play with. Last time I flew it I crashed and damaged one of the propellers beyond use. I have spare propellers and decided today was the day to get back on the horse, as they say!

I'm still very lacking in the skills to fly this thing properly, let alone take any nice smooth video shots while doing so. But I was able to extract a few decent still images from the video to share with you. As I get better at flying I'll start sharing videos.

NOTE: These 3 shots were all taken from within a 100 foot radius
of being 100 foot directly overhead of our campsite.

This first photo shows the two "official" sites on the left (one is empty)
and the two "overflow" sites on the grass behind us.

That's Highway 281 going left to right across the photo and the western end of Main Street
that goes through the 5 block length of downtown Stickney.

At the end of Main Street you find the grain silos, the city pool and rec center, the little white building is where we enjoyed a couple of delicious cheeseburgers shortly after our arrival.
The town's only gas station is in the background.
FYI - It's Sunday morning so the pool and diner are closed today until 1PM.

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