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In a previous post I mentioned that starting in July the email notices sent out by the Feed Burner service would cease to occur.

Several people have made the move of signing up for our Facebook Group in order to continue receiving notices of new posts. As best I can tell there are still 18 people on our email list that have not signed up on Facebook.

If you are just not a Facebook person, like I was before starting our Group Page, I understand. I am willing to send out a personal email to a few people who are known to me if you would like.

In order to keep your email private, I'll need you to comment at the bottom of this post (yes I'll turn Blogger commenting on for just this post) with the first three letters of the email address you are currently using to recieve notices. With that info I'll be able to include you in the BCC section of a group email to protect your privacy.

I'm hoping all 18 members chose this option. If you have any questions or concerns you can inquire in the comment section, or if you're lucky enough to have my phone number, just give me a call.

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