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STOP #203

"The Cornhusker State"
is our 31st visited state


Kool-Aid was invented in the town of Hastings, NE in 1927.

Our travel day today was a short one. We "barely made it" into a new state for us, Nebraska! No, we didn't have truck problems, our campsite is only two miles inside the state border.

We came here to check out Lincoln Park. No, not the '90s rock band Linkin Park, this Lincoln Park has a campground and is in the city of Superior, NE (pop. 1957). It has water/electric hookups, restrooms and a dump station. The best part about this campground is, "It's Free"!

As a way to get travelers to stop, and hopefully spend some money, the city provides this park free of charge. You are allowed to spend up to 14 days here, after that they request a whopping $5 per night donation to help cover the cost of utilities. There are 20 campsites here and less than half were ever occupied during our entire visit.

We did a little investigating and found there are many cities in the midwest who employ this exact same stategy, hoping visitors spent time and money in their restaurants, grocery stores, laundromats and gas stations.

We were glad to contribute through all of the above means! Every little bit helps to boost the economy in these small midwestern towns.

FRIDAY - Today we managed to check three items off on our Nebraska Bucket List. In each state we visit we try to complete what I call our "LOVED IT" list.

Everything on the list is easy to accomplish, but if we don't make the effort we sometimes find ourselves leaving a state without really experiencing our surroundings. It's just a way to remind ourselves to get out of THE POD and enjoy this lifestyle we're living!

As you can see we checked off one item by simply introducing ourselves to our campground neighbors, Kim & Matt from North Carolina. That's their trailer you can see in the second photo above. Kim grew up here in Superior, NE and they're back to visit her mother who still lives here.

The second and third items were just as easy to accomplish. I went into town, 2 miles away, where I purchased two frozen pizzas, a half dozen garlic rolls and $4 bundle of firewood. We cooked the pizzas and rolls in the oven and then enjoyed our meal sitting outdoors. Later we started our campfire and invited Kim & Matt to join us. We were glad when they accepted our invite and we spent the next 3 hours sharing stories and getting to know each other.

We tried to locate a geocache that is hidden here inside Lincoln Park, but eventually came away unsuccessful. It is hidden somewhere in this WWII tank that is on display near the other side of the park. There were just too many nooks and crannies for it to be hidden in and we quickly tired of trying to find it.

Cool, but no geocache for us here!

UPDATE: Not to be denied I woke up Saturday morning determined to find our Nebraska geocache. After striking out in three more locations it seems the fourth time's the charm for me. We now have 31 finds in 31 different states!

SATURDAY - Well it's time once again to break into my stash of gourmet sodas for another exciting episode of:


Say that three times fast!

Today's soda selection is distributed by Dublin Bottling Works in Dublin, TX. It is their Cherry Limeade flavored variety and once again it wasn't anything special.

I got off to such a good start with my soda selections but these last two have been just ordinary.

I'm beginning to think I should have just split my 6 pack with three Caramel Apple and 3 Butterscotch Root Beers.

Let's hope my final selection is another winner!

SUNDAY - When we arrived here at Lincoln Park on Thursday we had only planned on staying for four nights and leaving on Monday morning. That has now changed because we discovered that the pharmacy here in town has the Johnson & Johnson 1-dose vaccine that we have been waiting to recieve.

More importantly they are currently administering them to out of state visitors. I went online this morning and was able to make appointments for Tricia and I to both get vaccinated tomorrow morning at 10:00AM.

In an abundance of caution we will be staying an additional three days here, in case either of us experience any of the mild side effects from getting the vaccine.

MONDAY - As of 10:30AM we have both finally been vaccinated for COVID-19.

We were informed that we may experience some mild to moderate short-term side effects, but they should go away on their own in a day or two. This is usually a good sign that our immune systems are responding to the vaccine.

Injection site pain is the most common side effect, followed by fatigue, headache, nausea, and muscle aches.

Partial immunity develops 14 days after vaccination and full immunity is reached after 28 days.


I guess all we can do now is "wait and see"!

WEDNESDAY - It's been two and a half days since we were vaccinated for COVID-19 and neither one of us experienced any of the side effects. So tommorrow we will be packing up and heading off to our next destination. It's another city park less than 100 miles from here but this time it's not free.

We'll be paying $20 a night for four nights, but will have full hookups (water/electric/sewer).

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