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YEAR #3 - STOP #26

What a difference between this campground and the last! Even though we only moved a short 17 miles south from our last campsite the difference is like night and day. Back at Russell Pond we were only a three mile drive from Interstate 93, but it was all uphill and in the middle of the forest.

Here at Campton Campground we are again just three miles from Interstate 93, but this time we are at the edge of town and just 100 yards from the major two lane Highway 49 that has traffic all day long.

Another major difference between these two campgrounds is their elevation. Russell Pond is at nearly 1000 feet higher elevation than where we are now and that means milder daytime high temperatures and cooler nights.

With the forecast for highs in the low 90s going into this weekend we may be just tempted to pack a picnic lunch and drive ROVER back up to Russell Pond to dip our toes in the cool waters.

Now that sounds like a good idea!

THURSDAY - One desirable advantage of being located on the edge of town is the ease in which we can decide to skip making our own breakfast and instead choose to drive the short distance to Dunkin Donuts and then eat our breakfast in the picnic area of a nearby park. We can't afford to have a $20 breakfast everyday, but it was a nice change from our usual cold cereal or oatmeal.

With not a lot else going on here this week I thought I would just share a few campsite photos.

Tucked way back into our forested campsite.

Picnic table and fire pit, what else could we possibly need?

Sure glad THE POD wasn't here when that tree was cut down.

SUNDAY - All week long this has been a quiet and peaceful place to camp but on Friday afternoon that began to change. It seems this is where the local "young adults" like to hangout and party on the weekends. By Friday night the campground was half full and on Saturday the other half showed up.

During the daylight hours everyone seemed to behave fairly well, but come nightfall the music got louder and then the karaoke style sing-alongs began. This went on an hour or so beyond the posted 10PM quiet time but by noon today all was back to normal.

It never got to the point where I felt the need to complain to the camp host, but I sure was hoping they could hear it from their campsite and take it upon themselves to regain control. That didn't happen!

I understand the local teens needing a place to blow off some steam. With a global pandemic, stay at home orders lifting, relaxed social distancing requirements and most importantly, widespread parental unemployment, they need to get away frm their homes and vent. I just wish it wasn't two campsites down from where I'm trying to sleep!

Today is our last day at Campton Campground so we decided to go out for lunch and ended up here at the Full Circle Food Truck. Tricia sampled the Fried Fish Sandwich on a Subroll ($7) and I elected to go for the Baked Lobster and Macaroni with Cheese ($10). Both were surprisingly better that we expected!

I knew we had picked a good place to eat because when we arrived there were four other cars and a motorcycle waiting for their cooked when ordered meals to be prepared.

The perfect lunch spot!

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