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YEAR #3 - STOP #27

Today is moving day and our planned route came off without a hitch, that is until we arrived at the next campground. The route started off and ended with about 20 miles of Interstate driving with 80 miles of two lane, cross country highways through Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest in the middle.

I'm finally comfortable driving the winding, curving, twisting, 10% grades up and down, no shoulders kind of roads so often found in the mountains. What I haven't been challenged with very often is this!

Now this is going to be a tight fit.

How do I get my 8-1/2 foot wide trailer over a 10 foot wide bridge when there is little space on either side of the bridge to get straightened out before approaching it? The answer is very carefully! Judging by the scrapes and scratches on both sides of the bridge others before me weren't so successful. We were warned by the check-in host about the upcoming hazard.

You can be sure that I was obeying the speed limit on my attempt at crossing the bridge. The good news is we had two successful crossings, one on the way in and one on the way out. The bad news is we are scheduled to have two more visits to this campground in the next month before leaving Vermont. That's four more chances to get it wrong.

Yeah we made it!

WEDNESDAY - This wonderful view of the confluence of Winhall Brook and the West River is from the North Campground (currently closed for renovations) where there are no water/electric sites. The big advantage of the North Campground is you don't have to cross over that pesky bridge.

This is what I will now imagine when I think of Vermont

A closeup view of the same scene.

One of the other favorite activities here, at least for the kids, is swimming in the cool water (think low 70s) of Winhall Brook, which separates the North and South Campgrounds. Tricia was brave enough to take a "quick dip", but it was too cold for me to make any such attempt. Remember, I grew up in South Florida and she's from Massachusetts!

Too cold for me to get in!

Winhall Brook Campground has 111 campsites and only 23 of them offer water/electric hookups. It is the only Army Corp of Engineers campground in the state of Vermont and it's the only public campground with water/electric sites. None of the U.S. Forest Service or State Park campgrounds have water/electric sites and there are no National Park Service campgrounds in the state.

With the Lifetime Seniors Pass ($80) that we purchased from the National Park Service our stay here is half price at only $13.00 per night, making it a huge bargain compared to other camping prices found in the New England area. No wonder we'll be back here two more times in the coming weeks.

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