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YEAR #2 - STOP #66

Today we arrived back in our home state of Florida after visiting the Northeast United States over the last ten months. Seeing as how we are back in Florida, we are close enough that our good friends, Heather and Mike from Jacksonville, are willing to drive the 342 miles to spend the weekend camping with us. We can't wait to see them on Friday!

THURSDAY - Early this morning, shortly after breakfast, I made my daily trek to the campground's restroom. When time allows, which isn't always the case, we like to make our #2 business deposits somewhere other than into the 39 gallon black water tank located under THE POD.

The one and only bathroom/shower building here is located between the two loops that make up this campground. It is accessed by a short boardwalk that you enter between Campsites #5 and #6 on this loop. Mark and Stacy, the couple occupying Campsite #6, were obviously University of Alabama football fans. They had an Alabama 10x10 canopy, several banners displaying past National Championships and a few Crimson colored flags around their campsite.

While The Crimson Tide is not in the running for a National Championship this year, they do play on New Years Day in the Citrus Bowl against Michigan. One more chance to show their talents.

Mark was outside tending to a smoldering fire in their fire pit all weekend long. We exchanged greetings and conversation every time I walked by. Turns out Mark and Stacy are very friendly people and it was a pleasure talking to them. On the last day I handed Mark one of our contact cards and hope they are reading this and will keep in touch.

FRIDAY - Today is the day Heather and Mike arrive! It rained overnight and has been drizzling all day, but as luck would have it, shortly after noon it all just stopped. Just an hour later our guests arrived after their 5+ hour drive and set up their tent next to THE POD.

Not long after Mike finished setting up their camp he was at his grill cooking up some Homemade Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs they had been marinating for two days. The girls were inside cooking up some vegetables and rice. Me? I was patiently waiting at the picnic table for the feast to begin.

The shores of Blackwater River

There is not a lot to do at Blackwater River State Park in the winter time. This is however a very busy place in the summertime with it's white sandy shores and cool water to swim in. There is also a canoe outfitter just outside of the park offering tours and hourly rentals.

SATURDAY - Morning breakfast included an Egg Scramble with sausage, mushroom, onions and peppers. Some of us added a little sour cream and salsa too. Lunch was a simple, yet delicious, tuna salad and crackers.

After lunch the three of them took a short walk on the trails inside the park, while I stayed behind and fixed our string of solar lights that didn't work last night. I also drove to the Park Ranger Station and grabbed two bags of firewood because tonight, it's time to have a campfire.

Around 5:00PM Mike and I started building a campfire and by the time it started to get dark around 5:30PM we were still struggling to get it to burn. It seems the firewood they sell here was full of moisture and humidity and did not burn easily. However, by the time the girls brought out their Chicken Cordon Bleu dinner, complete with green beans and broccoli, the fire was well under way.

All night long while sitting around the fire Mike and I managed to play some pretty good tunes through the Bluetooth speaker he brought along. It's always good to listen to someone else's playlist every now and then to hear songs you might not have heard in awhile.

I know it sounds like all we did was eat all weekend, but that's just not true. There was also a wee bit of Calypso Spiced Rum with Diet Dr. Pepper consumed after I went to bed. At least that's what I heard through the grapevine!

SUNDAY - It's Sunday already? Time sure does fly by when you're having fun! After a little bit of a late breakfast it was time to start breaking down Heather and Mike's camp, pack it all back into their mid-sized SUV and say goodbye. It was somewhere near 2:00PM when they pulled out of our campsite. We sadly waved goodbye, not sure when we will once again return to Florida and see our friends. I guess next visit someone will be purchasing airline tickets!

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