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YEAR #2 - STOP #67

After a rather short two hour move today we arrived at Falling Waters State Park to get a first hand look at Florida's tallest waterfall? That's right, there is a stream here that plunges 73 feet into a natural limestone sinkhole creating a waterfall.

MONDAY - With only three days here at the park, we thought we should go visit the park's main attraction ASAP, before the weather gets cold and wet. Shortly after getting THE POD all set up in it's temporary home we drove the short distance to the trailhead parking lot.

Once arriving at the parking lot you have two choices how to get to the waterfall. First is a steep and fairly straight cement walking path. The second is a less steep and meandering path that is wheelchair accessible. They both meetup a short distance later at an observation deck overlooking the waterfall.

The upper observation deck is the end of the wheelchair accessible path and from there the path gets steeper and steeper, before you get to a flight of stairs that leads down to the lower observation deck.

The view from the upper wheelchair accessible observation deck

A close up of Falling Waters from above

Another view from the lower observation deck

Looking down into the bottom of the sinkhole

We spent less than an hour walking the path, enjoying the waterfall and returning to our truck. So I guess I wouldn't call this a destination park, but if you're in the area it's worth a visit. All in all, we're glad to be here but don't feel the need to return. Also with only 21 reservable campsites here it is one of Florida State Park's smallest campgrounds.

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