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Located within the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Florida you'll find Ochlocknee River State Park and campground. One of the interesting features of this park is the population of White Squirrels that are found here. Today they are found all around the country, but primarily in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois. In the 1950s a pair of these ghostly looking creatures were brought here from just north of Tallahassee, and they have been reproducing here ever since.

They are not albino, but share many of the same appearances. One way they differ is in the eye color, all albinos have red eyes, while these have either brown or black. Other than their color, they appear just as a normal grey squirrel would, same size, shape and mannerisms.


YEAR #2 - STOP #10

Today's travel day was more of the same, avoid the dreaded Interstate Highway System, and enjoy the rural countryside while buzzing by at 45MPH. We probably added 30 miles and 45 minutes to our trip today, but we're in no hurry to get anywhere.

Tricia enjoys the travel days because it usually, but not always, leads to a day off work. Me, I just enjoy travel days because we get to visit somewhere new and to me, that's exciting!



Today, I'm on a mission! My mission is to score some drugs! You see, I'm slowing running out of my prescription medications, now that it's been nearly nine months since my last doctor visit. I left town with a six month supply of everything, and through some creative filling of some older, lower dose, prescriptions I was able to extend it to nearly nine months.

Today I have to see a physician in order to get some new prescriptions written. My solution was to go to a CVS Drug Store and visit one of their Minute Clinics. When they advertise Minute Clinic it is written in the fine print that your wait time will probably be longer, mine was, 72 minutes longer.

After waiting for over an hour, I was seen by a young lady fresh out of college, who was able to take my blood pressure, listen to my breathing through a stethoscope, ask my weight and height and then write me a three month extension on each of the current prescriptions I provided. She said this was a one time only travel courtesy deal and that future prescriptions would have to come from my Primary Care Physician. The visit was covered by my brand new free Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance, thanks to Obama Care, and all I had to pay was my $35 co-pay for the office visit.

I asked for, and received, written prescriptions so I could shop them around for better pricing than what CVS offers. I got a quick grin from the young lady, I guess because she said no one ever bothers to do that. She sends them right out the door of the clinic to the CVS pharmacist counter and they pay up whatever they charge there. I guess that's what they're counting on!

I instead took mine to the nearest Publix and found out that one of my medications was free and the others were just $7.50, and that's the 90 day supply price. Between my insurance and my GoodRx Gold discount prescription membership I think I made out pretty good!

Arriving back at the campsite, after scoring my drugs, it was time for a celebratory BBQ. Last week at Publix they had a BOGO (buy1get1free) boneless pork tenderloin deal and we took advantage of the sale. Each package has two tenderloins and Tricia had them marinating all day, one teriyaki and one orange ginger. We sliced up a sweet onion and a large red bell pepper and then grilled us up one hell of a feast. Tricia made up some rice pilaf and we got busy eating. The left over cooked pork tenderloin will go into the fridge and be turned into sandwiches and salad toppings for the next several days.



Tricia will be working all day and my big chore for today is to check the tire pressure on each of out eight tires. I had to dig out the air pump from the back seat storage boxes, check and fill each tire (each one was just a couple of pounds low), and put everything back where it belongs. The whole project took just short of an hour.

A few weeks ago we bought a bag of firewood to have a campfire at Crooked River State Park. We never got around to having our campfire during Heather and Mike's visit and we've just been carrying it around for no reason ever since. Tonight we'll finally burn it and have our first campfire since New Year's Eve with Alyse and George. You see campfires are one of the luxuries we just can't afford every night, now that one of us is retired and the other is working part time. Most of the places we have been visiting don't allow collecting dead wood from the ground, but some of our upcoming parks may.



Well the campfire last night was pretty much a bust. The wood was full of humidity, it's been between 85-90% since we arrived here, and didn't seem to be very well dried for what was supposed to be seasoned firewood. That's the last time I buy firewood off the front sidewalk at the grocery store.

With Tricia working again today I'll spend most of my time writing blog posts and begin taking down the decorations around our campsite, all in preparation to move again tomorrow.

Who will be the first to correctly guess our next location?

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