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THURSDAY - We had a relatively longer travel day than we're used to, a 206-mile trek across the backroads of central Texas.

We arrived at our destination, Jim Hogg Park on the Georgetown Lake, which is directly across the lake from where we stayed on our last visit here back in March of 2020 (just as COVID was blossoming into a pandemic).

They are both Army Corp of Engineers parks, so we're camping at half price, which comes to a budget busting fee of $15 a night for a waterfront site with electricity and water hookups. That's a $2 a night increase from the campground across the lake from nearly four years ago.

FRIDAY - You may have noticed that there have been fewer photos in the last couple of posts.

Several things factor into that, first being we just haven't been sightseeing as much. Secondly, after getting Tricia's cracked screen replaced on her cell phone it has stopped reacting to her finger touch. So no more of those magnificent cell phone photos can be shot. It still occasionally works with the special stylist pen that came with her phone, but even that has stopped working lately.

This all coincided with a system software update she did on her phone. We called the repair shop back in Alabama where the screen was replaced and after some research she explained there has been a recall on the screen that was used in her repair.

So today we visited a FedEx shipping location here in town and sent her phone back to Alabama to have yet another screen put it. It was $15 to ship it by ground, but $123 to ship it overnight. Guess what, her phone will arrive back in Alabama next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, don't expect to see many photos on this blog. Sure she still has her "big camera" with the 125x zoom, but I think her 10x zoom phone takes much nicer photos.

While out taking care of errands today we ate lunch at the Catfish Parlour Restaurant and I'm happy to report I finally got a "delicious" Grilled Catfish meal. They had an "All You Can Eat" fried catfish offering for $25, but I wanted mine grilled and blackened. I still got two large fillets for $19 and filled up on the "All You Can Eat" fixin's bar.

The restaurant is nothing fancy, you walk up to the cook and order your meat, whether it's catfish, shrimp, oysters, chicken or hamburger, then you take your plate to the "All You Can Eat" buffet table.

There you'll find French Fries, Fried Okra and Hushpuppie Fingers. Also there are pinto beans, cole slaw, green beans with bacon, steamed cabbage with bacon, seasoned rice and homestyle mashed potatoes with sausage gravy. There is also a Caesar Salad bar with all the extras.

We learned this is how they serve their Express Lunch on Monday-Friday from 11am-3pm. They also serve beer and wine, plus all kinds of soda and tea.

After lunch we made a quick visit to Costco to fillup with 30+ gallons of gasoline and a rotisserie chicken so I can prepare to make another batch of my CCCC (Chipolte Chicken Corn Chowder) in the next few days.

We then headed to the local H-E-B grocery store to finish getting all the other ingredients needed for the chowder. If you're interested you can find my recipe HERE.

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