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TUESDAY - Today we had a slightly longer than average travel day with 126-miles under our tires.

We are taking another two day rest break before we begin our four looooong travels days heading east across the midwestern United States.

Occasionally we'd come across some interesting Nebraska county scenery like this...

...but to be honest, most of the time we were looking at a whole-lot-of-nothin' like this.

We passed through several small towns, one with a population of 20, and even found gasoline for $3.59, a full twenty cents cheaper than anywhere we've seen in a while.

For the last two days we had temperatures in the low 90°Fs and no electricity, which means no A/C! With two more days forecast to reach 90°F we made sure our next stop had electricity.

The Bessey Recreation Complex Campground in Halsey, NE fit our needs perfectly. It's also a United States Forest Service campground so those prices I quoted you are both half priced.

We just spent $7.50 a night to camp without electric/water/dump station or showers. Here at this campground we have "all of that" and it's just $10.00 a night, what a bargain!

Here we are all tucked in on our new spacious corner lot (a.k.a. Campsite #6).

No nearby noisy neighbors, just the way we like it.

WEDNESDAY - Tricia was up at a more reasonable hour to do her morning walk, now that we've officially crossed into Central Time Zone.

She's now only 1 hour earlier than her girlfriend she talks to while walking who lives in Jacksonville, FL in the Eastern Time Zone.

It's still dark out when the walk begins, but she's usually back after sunrise.

Early morning photos of the Middle Loup River that runs along the front of the campground.

Later in the morning, after it warmed up from the predawn temperature of 51°F, WE took a walk around the campground.

I was mostly checking out where and how to access the dump station and fresh water fill when we leave with the trailer tomorrow morning. WE also walked the same path Tricia did earlier to get some daytime photos to share.

There's direct river access from the campground, maybe for kayaks or innertubes to float on.

There is a pretty swift current here so swimming might not be a good idea.

A nice little shaded spot to watch the water roll on by.

This is the low bridge you use to access the campground.

Upstream from the campground.

That's a pedestrian bridge that also allows access to 2 additional tent sites on the other side.

Our friends Katherine and John from Denver, CO have hit the road with their Airstream and are taking a different route than us to meet up and camp together for a 6th time in 6 different states. That list presently contains Texas, Kansas, Alaska, Utah and Wyoming.

To find out what the 6th state will be you'll have to stay tuned until Sunday, when we once again will be sharing the same campground. Any guesses what that state will be?

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