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STOP #214

After a grueling 47 mile travel day we arrived safe and sound at our northernmost and westernmost stop for the entire year, and we owe it all to Tricia's expert driving. That's right, once again Tricia towed THE POD across the North Dakota countryside without incident.

There was this one close call, where we came to a road construction area with barricades on both sides of the lane, throw in a tight zig-zap lane change in the middle and Tricia slowed to about 5MPH to squeeze her way through. All kidding aside, she did very well for just her second time towing a 28 foot long trailer behind a 20 foot long truck.

This is our fifth and final campsite on or near the Missouri River in the last 30 days. This time we are at Cross Ranch State Park in North Dakota where we are just going to chill for three days, no sightseeing here, except for some lovely trails I'm sure Tricia will enjoy on her morning walks.

When I made our reservations here at Cross Ranch State Park 95 days ago I noticed the campground loop offering RV sites was named Governor's Centenial Loop. I didn't think too much about it, they have to call it something I guessed, better than Loop A and Loop B like most parks do.

They also offer two large cabins for $125 a night, two smaller cabins for $80 a night, 3 yurts for $65 a night and even 1 tipi for $35 a night. For the RVers and tenters they have 37 sites with electricity for $25 a night, 26 sites without electricity for $17 a night and something I haven't seen before, group RV sites, capable of holding two or three units. There is no discount for sharing a group site, it's still $25 or $17 dollars a night for each unit.

Anyway, back to the Governor's Centenial Loop where we are staying. After our arrival it became clear why it was named what it is. Each site number sign post honors a past governor by displaying their years in office. For instance, our Site #27, honors the 27th North Dakota Governor A. A. Link (1973-1981). I thought it was a clever way to work a little history into everyones visit.

What I don't understand is why at this state park? We are nearly 50 miles from the state capitol of Bismark and our previous campsite at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park was just a stones throw across the Missouri River from the capitol building. I'll have to ask and see if the Rangers know the answer.

UPDATE: I now know why the Governor's Centenial Loop is here.

This park was opened in 1989 on the North Dakota statehood's centenial (1889-1989).
Only the first 100 years of governors are honored by the campsite signage.

6:00AM - 6:45AM


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