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YEAR #3 - STOP #44

With just an average length travel day, and an early start, we had time to take care of a chore we've haven't done since mid-February.

ROVER and THE POD got a bath at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash in Breezewood, PA.

For a little over $48 both of them got a thourough exterior high power wash and for $1 more we self-vacuumed out the cab of the truck. We were in and out of there for under $50 and felt it was well worth the price.

We did have to wait our turn in line however, behind four other semi-trucks, but after a short hour or so wait it was finally our turn to get a bath.

This is our third time using Blue Beacon Truck Wash and they always do a great job.

Waiting at the vacuum station. We are finally next to go!

All set up at our new site.

FRIDAY - Be honest. How many of you know what Fallingwater is? If you know what it is, then your are probably aware of who designed and built the place.

For those of you who are clueless to what I'm talking about, like we were until last year, when we passed by this area, it is a home built back in the late 1930's by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufman Family. The Kaufman's owned a chain of department stores in the northeast United States.

In July of 2019 the "20th century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright" was inscribed as a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site. A total of eight Frank Lloyd Wright's designs were included in this designation and Fallingwater is probably his most recognized home build in addition to his design of the highly acclaimed Guggenheim Museum in New York.

If I'm remembering correctly last year we elected not to take the guided interior/exterior tour of Fallingwater because of the pricing (I believe it was $150 each). This year, with COVID restrictions factored in, the interior is closed to the public. So this year they are offering a more affordable self-guided, exterior only, tour for $20 each.

There are many docents available all around the property to answer any and all questions you may have. We later learned that for an extra $10 each we could have received our very own docent to walk with us and explain what we were seeing and point out important features we may have missed. In hindsight we would have spent the extra money.


The engraved stone signage out on the main driveway entrance.
Proudly displaying their newly acquired UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.
The outdoor covered reception area, complete with a cafe, art museum and gift shop. This is where you used to wait for your guided tour to begin.
There is a 1/4 mile walkway, complete with flower gardens and a picnic area, between the reception area and the Fallingwater homesite.
Our first glimpse of Fallingwater.
We have arrived.
This stairway makes it possible to go from the living room straight down into the water that flows under the home.
A footbath outside of the front door to clean your feet and shoes.
A rear pathway between the home and the cliff face.
Their outdoor bathtub.
A peek inside of the 1st floor living space.
The view from the second floor balcony.
Another peek inside the living space.
The guest quarters are higher up on the cliff from the main house.
They also have a four car garage under the guest house.
The guests have their own outside patio area...
... and their own outside pool deck.
A peek inside one of the quest bedrooms.
This is the pathway takes leads between the quest house and the main house.
This is the iconic photograph you always see of Fallingwater from the surrounding forest. The location is simply called "The View".

SUNDAY - Today I decided to drive 16 miles south from Confluence, PA into Friendsville, MD to save 35 cents a gallon on gasoline. Pennsylvania is the only state east of the Rocky Mountains (other than Washington D.C.) that currently averages over $2.33 a gallon. Today they are averaging a whopping $2.48 a gallon, due mostly to their high taxes on gas.

While I was out I also took the time to pick up a few grocery items at a Walmart and had a new battery installed ($58) into my 2-1/2 year old iPhone SE. I hope this at least fixes all my issues with my iPhone!

Wouldn't you know it, on my way home from getting my phone repaired a check engine light lit up on the dash of ROVER. Guess I know what I'll be doing sometime in the very near future, scheduling an early morning appointment at a local Ford Dealership.

Lately it feels like I'm playing Whack-A-Mole.
I knock down one problem and another pops up in it's place.

MONDAY - When we first arrived here at this Army Corp of Engineers campground last Thurday we took a very short walk down to the shore of the Youghiogheny River located just behind our campsite.

Here are a few photos we took of the river after it flows through the hydroelectic Youghiogheny Dam that was completed in 1944.

There is even the beginnings of some fall color showing up in the trees here.

But today we drove over to the dam site and found that unlike other dams, this one you are permitted to drive across the top to the other side. This gives access to a huge picnic area and parking lot, plus the longest boat launch ramp I've ever seen.

This dam can be driven across, most are not since 9/11 back in 2001.

The amount of water being held back by the dam is enormous.

From the top of the dam our campsite is hidden in the trees near the center of this photo.

Now that's a very long boat ramp.

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